Trial Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of a trial!

Here you will find the links to our volunteer sign up sheets.  They are spreadsheets hosted on Google Docs. 

Please sign up to help work! Job descriptions are below.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Jump Setters (bar tenders)

These are the folks who sit in a chair in the ring with the dogs. You can bring water in with you, but no food. We prefer adults for this job, although teenagers make good jump setters too. If the volunteer is under 13, talk to the trial chair - younger children need to have a responsible adult work with them. Your job is to make sure all the obstacles are set to the correct height, and if a dog drops a bar, you need to wait until the dog is done running and then run out and re-set the bar. Short bursts of jogging required. Jumpers with weaves classes are easier for a beginner, Standard classes require knowledge of the equipment. Please do not stare at the dog when it is running near you or towards you, and if the dog comes to visit you, cross your arms, look away and pretend to ignore him.

Leash Runner

The leash runner stands patiently inside the in gate, near the dog. Once the dog and handler have started the course, and they are moving away from the in gate, the leash runner gathers the leash and walks to the exit gate (staying inside the ring), and places the leash on the designated chair. It is very important to watch the dog. Many dogs will want that leash that's in your hand! Keep it bunched up and not visible to the dog. Also, NEVER run with the leash in a way that the dog will want to chase you and be distracted from his job. Your goal is to get the leash to the exit, and leave it there while you walk back in time for the next dog to start. This job requires walking, bending and carrying a leash.


This is a more difficult and advanced job. The scribe makes sure all the score sheets are in the correct order for the entire class. The scribe makes sure the scoresheet matches the name of the dog that enters the ring. He/she then watches the judge and translates hand signals into letters on the score sheet. At the end each dog's run, the timer states the time and the scribe writes the time on the score sheet. The scribe then hands the scoresheet to the scribe runner. This job is done at the scribe table next to the ring, sitting the entire time.


This job requires some experience. This person makes sure the timers are functioning, and hits the start button when the judge gives a thumbs up. This makes the electronic timer say "GO." The timer watches to make sure the timer is running throughout the dog's run and stops at the end (sometimes electronic timers malfunction). Some classes require timing adjustments between groups of dogs, so this is not for a newbie. The timer states the dog's time so the scribe can write it on the scoresheet. This job is done at the scribe table outside the ring. The timer is seated throughout the class.

Scribe runner

The scribe runner stands near the scribe table and waits for a few runs, then grabs several scoresheets and takes them to the trial secretary's table. Then returns to the scribe table for a few more scoresheets. This job requires some exercise, and standing/moving throughout the class.

Course builders

After the last dog runs in each class, a team of workers needs to move equipment around under the direction of the Chief Course Builder. The more the merrier! This job requires a ten minute burst of moving equipment around, sometimes quite heavy. And if you aren't strong, you can still help - someone needs to put numbers on each obstacle!

Gate Steward

If you have a loud voice, and you want to meet people, this is the job for you! The gate steward makes sure dog/handler teams are lined up and ready for their runs. You have to shout in the direction of the crowd - "THIS IS DASHER! UP NEXT IS DANCER, PRANCER, DONNER and BLITZEN!" This job can be seated, or standing. But you need to make sure you know where the next 4 or 5 dogs are in the warmup area. You need to remind people to go into the ring on time (some linger and delay). If someone is missing, you need to call out to find them. And if someone doesn't show up on time, you need to make sure the scribe table knows a dog is missing. You also need to call out "LAST DOG THIS HEIGHT" and "JUMPS TO 12 INCHES, 12 INCHES PLEASE!" when the last dog of a height runs. The gate steward also checks the entire ring to make certain equipment is set to the correct jump height on all the obstacles.