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Salty Dogz Agility has a real-time notification using Twitter - and you don't even need to be a Twitter member!

Salty Dogz Agility Twitter is here if you do want to just go directly to our account

To see Twitter messages on your phone as regular text messages, simply go to a New Message screen on your phone.  Enter the phone number 40404 (this is the universal Twitter phone number)

In the text box, type FOLLOW @SALTYDOGZUTAH but make sure you leave a space between


You should quickly see a response saying "You're now following @saltydogzutah.  Tweets will be texted to you.  Send OFF @saltydogzutah to stop."  (Note: there is a space between OFF and @saltydogzutah)  We recommend you MUTE this number so you don't get annoyed by the pings!

We mostly use Twitter to remind you to enter trials, or to volunteer for trials, and to tell you when the classes are running at the trials (in real-time).  


Some people don't like the Twitter reminders, or for some reason, the texts don't reach them.  For some people, Remind works better.  Go to your app store and find Remind.  You need to join as a class member (unless you want to be a Teacher, but we would expect you to participate in sending out reminders!).  We will give you instructions in the Premium for how to set your reminders for a trial.

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